Thursday, March 25, 2010

Priya Soni

The best part is that the Priya Soni has held her own with acknowledged foot-tapping dancers such as Mithun and Mimoh Chakraborty, who are dancing together for the first time on screen. (Pic: Viral Bhayani)
She serves like a ballerina and sizzles like a seductress! Priya Soni has done a scintillating dance number choreographed by the inimitable Remo Fernandes in Gaurav Pande's eagerly awaited film, 'Spaghetti 24 X 7'. (Pic: Viral Bhayani)
The danseuse's wonderful debut performance in an interestingly titled film has evoked praises from all quarters and everyone is raving about her sensuous allure, agility and appeal. (Pic: Viral Bhayani)
In fact, continuing with her 'oomph' factor, the extremely talented 'complete performer' has set the screen on fire with no-holds barred performance that speaks volumes about her latent talent, spunk and fire! (Pic: Viral Bhayani)
This brilliant dancer grew up with a magical gift and an intense passion for acting and dance. A born natural in front of the camera, Priya experienced success early in her artistic career by winning Miss Delhi 2003. (Pic: Viral Bhayani)
As an emerging young artiste, Priya Soni has spent a lot of her life travelling and performing dance at various events. And it is difficult for anyone to believe that she is a self-taught dancer! Quite unimaginable and therefore a real feather in Priya's cap that her spontaneous performance can evoke so much of admiration! (Pic: Viral Bhayani)
The danseuse in demand, Priya Soni, extols, 'Dancing, for me, is a dynamic process of self-exploration and a constructive way to give form and meaningful expression to an experience. Through my dance performances, I express my deepest emotions in a personalized yet intuitive way.' (Pic: Viral Bhayani)
The actress, Priya Soni further shares that 'The sequence in 'Spaghetti 24 X 7' allowed me to portray a passionate reflection of my soul and led to a lot of personal satisfaction. After all, what I am is what I perform. I'm blessed to share my talent with the world and hope my fans love it and the industry notices it.' (Pic: Viral Bhayani)

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