Thursday, March 25, 2010

Highest paid Models

A thin waistline can add up to a thick wallet. These beautiful women have catwalked their way into the big bucks. A look at the highest paid models of 2009...

Heidi Klum: Moneybags: The timeless beauty Heidi Klum is certainly a lot more than just a model. At 34, she's also a mother of three and wife to recording artist Seal. She works as a model and her work have combined with her TV income to bring in $ 14 million last year alone. (AFP/Timothy A. Clary)
Gisele Bundchen: On top: It should surprise none that Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen is at the top of the list. Last year, Bundchen pulled in $ 35 million from a long list of top modeling contracts, plus her own line of footwear. While she parted ways with Victoria's Secret last year, her star is still rising.

Kate Moss: Sexy mode: While her recent career may have been marred by scandals of the chemical kind, she's still rock solid in the world of modeling. In addition to her modeling work, Kate has a successful line of clothing of her own. She finished at third place with $ 8.5 million, earning a million dollars more than the previous year. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Adriana Lima: Big moolah: This Brazilian beauty is nearly ubiquitous in the world of the supermodel. She's a star in her own right, a model so sought after that she is the 4th highest paid in the world at $ 7 million. At 27, she's still got a big career ahead of her and one hell of an impressive body of work behind her.  (REUTERS)
Alessandra Ambrosio: Neighbour's envy: Twenty eight-year-old Alessandra Ambrosio of Brazil, ranked fifth alongside Doutzen Kroes, with her earnings tallying at around $ 6 million.  (REUTERS)
Carolyn Murphy: Count me in: A little behind Miranda Kerr is American stunner Carolyn Murphy, also with an estimated earning of $ 3 million. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Doutzen Kroes: Up & above: Victoria's Secret's newest model has also become one of the world's top earners. In addition, the 23-year-old Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes has some monster contracts under her belt. She earned $ 6 million. (REUTERS/Carlos Barria)
Natalia Vodianova: Its about money, honey!: With two models at number 5, we jump to 7, Natalia Vodianova, raised in an impoverished family in Russia has cornered a place with earnings to the tune of $ 5.5 million.  (AFP/Francois Guillot)
Daria Werbowy: Wealthy winds: Polish-born Daria Werbowy, with an annual earning of $ 4.5 million, is the eighth model on the list. (AFP/Pierre Verdy)
Miranda Kerr: Acting pricy: Actor Orlando Bloom's girlfriend Miranda Kerr ranked ninth, with an estimated income of $ 3 million. (AFP/Timothy A Clary)
Emanuela De Paula: Newest addition: In 11th position is Emanuela, who is the newest addition to the power list and has an estimated earning of $ 2.5 million. (AFP)

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