Friday, January 1, 2010

Pink slips to B'wood

Let's face it! B'wood seems to be inflating into an industry that can no longer sustain the costs involved. So, here's a list of celebs, who need to be thrown out of the business! The criteria for a pink slip here is a severe lack of talent, zero on-screen presence and disastrous acting!

Mummy dearest tried her best to push daughter's career, but it's all a wasteland now. Esha never possessed true acting capabilities and the expectations were just too high to reach!
Shilpa Shetty's lesser-known sister, Shamita makes sporadic appearances in the Mumbai Page 3 circuit with her fame reaching only the most persistent showbiz fan while sister Shilpa is in a high with her IPL success. If a list of the busiest celebs is drawn out, Shamita wouldn't even figure on the reverse side of it! (Pic: Maxim)
She's sexy, beautiful, well dressed, outspoken and glamorous! Celina is still one of the country's most prized possessions, a beauty queen who had all the qualifications to enter a film career! But an overdose of glam seems to have killed off good scripts and the roles that would have headed her way.
Amrita Arora has not even a single substantial hit to her name! Many even believe that Amrita remains an average in the looks department, too. But we wish that she rather gets out of her sister's shadow and proves it out in the heat!
Ram Gopal Verma's icing on all the disasters! Nisha Kothari seems to have beaten the c**p out of some good old Bollywood glam, turning it into a vulgar buffet. If 'RGV Ki Aag' went up in flames, she's the one who left the 'gas' on!
Vivek Oberoi remains one of the few actors in Bollywood whose off-screen scandals made a dent in an otherwise promising career! He did prove his acting skills to some extent but then that honour was stolen from him, too. Unfortunately he couldn't prove him in anyway.
Ekta Kapoor's brother, Tusshar Kapoor should have tried anything that does not involve a camera! There are so many of his so-called hits that would have done better without him.
Everything was wrong about his debut. A bad movie, trashy special effects, the comparison to Hrithik and a hugely successful girlfriend - who dumped him soon after! Hurman's debut will go down in history as one of Bollywood's darkest hours. His second attempt at fame was the ironically titled 'Victory' - let's not even go there!
Himesh Reshammiya's 'Karzzzz' cost this singer/actor/disaster a career. But the single worst part of that entire plan was the resulting extinction of Urmila Matondkar! He successfully managed to wipe out one of Bollywood's sexiest stars ever off the map.
Even his brother's 'dhai kilo ka haath' failed to pull him out of the hole Bobby dug for himself! But we wouldn't hack at Bobby much because he was just accepting the offers coming his ways.

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