Friday, January 1, 2010

People's Best Dressed

Each of these Hollywood sirens have turned up the heat and set the fashion world ablaze this year with their personal style statements. Daring or demure, high fashion or hippie chic, they have rocked…Check out the secret style the divas have often flaunted….

Best Use of Color : Vibrant colours of Freida Pinto's gowns are always a sensible choice flattering against her skin tone. She makes sure she gets it right each time she appears on the red carpet. Who else can carry off the difficult shades better.(Pic: Getty images)
Best red carpet : Kate Winslet not only swept the award ceremonies this year just for her acting prowess but also for being best dressed on the carpet. No wonder her classic looks and taste has been honoured. (AFP)
Best Accessible Glamour : Michelle Obama has been named twice to the International Best-Dressed List for nothing. First lady's trendsetting style and off-the-rack look puts her class apart. And she never skimp on her accessorized look.

Best Sparkle : Taylor Swift likes to match up the glittering events with her shining gowns. To make the best look for any occasion she prefers shimmers and glitters. A grey, black or white sequined outfits have always been her fave. (Pic: Getty images)
Best Street Chic : No flowing gowns and heavy make-up for Beyonce Knowles when she is off the red carpet. She knows how to be fabulously trendy by accessorising herself to look street chic. (Pic: Getty images)
Best Maternity : For Nicole Richie being pregnant doesnot mean that she has to sacrifice on her style statement. She even went so far during her second pregnancy as to launch her own maternity line for A Pea in the Pod. She very well styles up her maternity wherever she goes.

Best Boho Style : The sensational Vanessa Hudgens is stunning in whatever she wears. But what's the secret to her easy style. She goes with a boho loose-waves to enhance her look. (AGENCIES)
Best Short Dress : The minis are made for her and she has definitely got the legs for it. We can see that Reese Witherspoon is short dressed to success. (AGENCIES)
Best Jeans : Cameron Diaz is the ultimate denim girl. We catch the beauty in denims most of the time which she carries well with dressy and casual tops. Can anyone do a casual cool better than Cameron Diaz?


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