Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fab at 50

They have ruled people's hearts for decades and are still the proud owners of wonderful skin, well-tones bodies, sculpted cheekbones and smooth complexion. Here's a look at the Hollywood hotties who have passed their 50th milestone but are as physically fit and youthful as any other newbie

Icon of American pop,
A model not only comes in all size, skin and colour but now in age as well. American fashion model, Christie Brinkley possesses a timeless beauty that no one can outshine.

There's a timeless elegance about Hollywood hottie Michelle Pfeiffer.  (REUTERS/Stephen Hird)
TV actress Marg Helgenberger surprises many with her well-toned body.

TV host Oprah Winfrey's warmth, insight and confidence cover her age. She puzzles her viewers with her childlike innocence and worldly-wise ways.  (AFP)
With her enthralling beauty and grace, actress Dana Delany keeps one guessing about her age.

 (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)
She will not stand any loss at the cost of her age. Actress Annette Bening gets more beautiul everytime she celebrates her birthday.  (REUTERS)
His age may not be permanent but he has made a permanent place in the hearts of millions. An actor and a comedian, Robin Williams steals hearts at the age of 57.  (REUTERS/Luke MacGregor)
There is no age before Andie MacDowell's beauty. The American actress loves to flaunt her beauty and charm.

Age cannot affect the dazzling beauty of actress Holly Hunter. She's lovely as ever! (REUTERS/Mike Blake)
American singer, author and actress, Cheryl Ladd captivates with her elegant looks.  (REUTERS)
For 52-year-old actor and writer Tom Hanks, age is just a number. The talented actor surely has a long way to go.  (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)
At 55, Sting competes shoulder-to-shoulder with the musicians who were not even aware what music was when he started his career.

 (REUTERS/Max Morse)
Chinese actor Jackie Chan can outdo stars half his age with his impressive looks and dashing stunts.  (REUTERS)
It seems time never flies for Hollywood babe Renne Ruso. She still manages to maintain that rare blend of beauty.  (REUTERS)
Nothing has changed for rocker Bruce Springsteen. He still rocks with his evergreen numbers.  (REUTERS/Brendan McDermid)

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