Saturday, January 2, 2010

Singing sensation

They rock with their looks as much as with their musical abilities.The singing beauties have started looking forward to expand their horizons and become all-rounders oozing creativity, appeal and innovation.

Singing sensation: Hard kaur can take the crowds to a high with her voice and also provides much needed zing with her bold style statement. (Photo/Sachin Gokhale) (BCCL)
Stirring it up: She grooves people to sing and dance with her peppy numbers. Sizzling Sanober Kabir can trigger the rush to madness with her toned voice and hot bod. (Photo/Lalit Nene) (BCCL)
Outrageous:The bikini babe is more than just her appealing looks..After her steamy appearances she is also trying her luck with singing. Let's see if her voice can drive you crazy as well.(Source: Rouge)

Singing glory: Sultry Sophie is a reservoir of acting, singing and VJing whose first love is music. Her characters in movie may lack substance but this style piece had still rocked with her juicy and steamy roles. (Source: Ram Bherwani,
Rythmic ways: Besides deriving pleasure from her melodious singing, you can also appreciate the 'Kanta Laga' fame girl, Shefali Zariwala to get the low-wast jeans embroidered all over to be the latest trend. She became the fashion icon among the youngsters. (Photo/Sunil Kataria) (BCCL)
Powerful vocalist of 'Zinda Hoon Masi' song, Shibani Kashyap is a seductive Bong. With her refreshing voice and looks, she mesemerizes the audience. (Photo/Saatish Jaiswal)

Sweet and soft: The pretty daughter of Kamal Hasaan and Sarika has matured into a dashing singer.The new face in Bollywood, Shruti Hasaan is ready to rock with her budding looks.With the soft and silky looks she is a natural crowd puller.(Photo/SL Shanth Kumar)  (BCCL)
Melody girl: She makes the youngsters dance with her remarkable tone and can soon turn you into the foot tappimg mode. (Photo/Shantanu Das) (BCCL)
Sizzling singing: Shweta Pandit is the nightingale that defines voice and style both. (Photo/Sachin Gokhale)  (BCCL)
Wonder voice: Gayatri Ganjawalla have the voice and looks that dominates the music industry. (Photo/Lalit Nene) (BCCL)
Rolling style: She is the ripple in Bollywood music who sings with her heart and soul.Shreya Ghosal is the sizzling singing sensation of bollywood. (Photo/Arijit Dutta) (BCCL)

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