Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shruti and band

Shruti Haasan(L) with All band members Jerry, Krishnan and Bryan strikes a pose together during a photo shoot in Chennai. (Photo/SL Shanth Kumar) (BCCL)
Shruti Haasan(R), daughter of actor Kamal Haasan strikes a pose with her band in Chennai. (Photo/SL Shanth Kumar)

Shruti Haasan’s and the Extra Mentals band have been performing at various clubs and events for the past few months. She is now going to debut in Bollywood. (Photo/SL Shanth Kumar)

Shruti Haasan(L) running her band in collaboration with a talented band members Jerry on the drum, Krishnan on the bass and Bryan on the guitar. She strikes a pose with her band members in Chennai. (Photo/SL Shanth Kumar)


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