Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shibani Kashyap

Shibani Kashyap is an eminent playback singer, who has given many hit songs of Bollywood movies like 'Sunday', 'Sirf' and 'Woodstock Villa'.

Apart from singing her hobbies are travelling, cooking and likes to go for long drives.  (BCCL)
Shibani Kashyap have sung many hit songs of Bollywood.  (BCCL)
Who's the smartest of all!: Shibani standing in front of the mirror with attitude or her reflection?.  (BCCL)
She was famed for singing the signature tune of AIR FM and Amul India.

Shibani Kashyap did a song with actress Lara Dutta in movie 'Zinda'.  (BCCL)
Shibani Kashyap is from Delhi.  (BCCL)
Shibani Kashyap would be soon making her debut in movies from Faisal Saif's 'Main Osama'. She has composed the music for the film as well.

Shibani anchored for the singer hunt show 'Bathroom Singer'. (BCCL)
Shibani Kashyap got noticed for her very popular song 'Sajna Aaa Bhi Ja'.

Shibani will soon seen acting in Faisal Saif directed new movie 'Main Osama'. (Photo/Saatish Jaiswal)

Shibani Kashyap got famed by singing signature tune of AIR FM channel of All India Radio and Amul India. (Photo/Saatish Jaiswal)  (BCCL)
Shibani Kashyap is a female singer in India, who is actively working in Bollywood film Industry. (Photo/Saatish Jaiswal) (BCCL)
Shibani Kashyap at a musical event at Eleven Echoes in Mumbai (Photo/Kirti Surve) (BCCL)
Indi pop star Shibani Kashyap poses for shutterbugs in Lucknow (Manoj Chhabra) (BCCL)
Pop Singer Shibani Kashyap performing at Haywards 5000 Mr India World Competition on Wednesday March 07, 2007 at Intercontinental Sahar, Mumbai. (Photo/Kirti Surve) (BCCL)
Shibani at a party at Wink restaurant at Taj President (Photo/Pravin K) (BCCL)
Shibani Kashyap at the launch of Ginseng Restaurant Lounge at Khar on July 19, 2007.(Photo/Satyajeet Desai) (BCCL)
Shibani Kashyap at Warner brothers' film 'license to Wed' premiere at PVR, Juhu in Mumbai (Photo/Pravin K) (BCCL)
Singer Shibani Kashyap at a party at Olive Bandra on October 03, 2007. (Photo/Satyajit Desai) (BCCL)

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