Monday, January 4, 2010

Music divas with sexy legs

We either talk about the voice or the slim 'n' sexy figure of our favourite music divas in Hollywood. Let us talk about their lovely legs this time rather than their voice and curves. So here are the eye candies for you...

Sizzling girl, Katie Price, looks more leggy in her azure blue monokini. How can her toned legs which enhance her glam quotient be overlooked?(Pic: Getty images)
Dita Von Teese is hot and wild. To add to that sex appeal, she looks sexier with her well shaped legs. It's obvious that you will adore the bare-legged babe. (AGENCIES)
The pop queen Beyonce Knowles's sex quotient is immensely dependent upon her legs. Now why should she opt for covered gowns?  (AGENCIES)
She has a marvellous hour-glass figure and drool-worthy legs. The oomphy and scandalous actress just has to be mentioned in the list of women with sexy legs!  (AFP)
If she drives you to distraction with her short dresses and skirts,it's not really Mariah Carey's fault. It's her nice, well-framed legs that create those ripples in your mind.  (AFP)
Among the assets for her ten on ten body, Rihanna's scintillating legs deserve special mention. What do you say fellas? (Pic: Getty images)
Besides the other things that nake her sizzle, Tyra Banks' lovely legs make the diva more appealing on the ramp. They do the perfect justice to her body which has been scorching the ramp for a long time now.(Pic: Getty images)
Be it her hot bod, her stylish hair or her long legs,the response to each of Victoria Beckham's oomphy quotient is simply... WOW! Isn't it?(Pic: Getty images)
Be it her denims or her teensy weensy shorts, they do justice to Britney Spears' lovely legs in every possible way!  (AFP)
How can we list the sexy assets without even mentioning the beautiful legs of Petra Nemkova?The long slender legs of this model have eyeballs popping out every single time! (Pic: Getty images)
Forget her looks! Singer Mya's slender and sizzling legs surely score a goal. They undoubtedly make up her style statement. (AFP)
Madonna and her sensuous legs make her fans go wild!No doubt that's the reason why little and skimpy numbers are her choice. (AGENCIES)
Check out the babe and know how haute and lovely one can be with their sizzling legs. Jennifer Lopez has got the legs of a world-class model.  (AGENCIES)

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