Monday, January 4, 2010

Most googled B-town celebs

B'wood celebs with their glam avatar are setting all the desktops on fire. Let's have a look at the most sought faces of silver screen on the net.

After attaining size-zero, Kareena is not only performing well at box-office but she has also become the darling among the net users. (Pic: Maxim)
Having given so many meaningful movies, Aishwarya ought to rule the World Wide Web.
Deepika is largely connected to her fans and lovers through 'Google'.
Shahid Kapoor is the true hunk of Bollywood who is a sensation amongst his lady fans. He is the chosen one to be googled .

The bubbly and sparky girl. Genelia D'Souza is the hottest face on internet these days.Guys just can't keep the lass at bay who is just a click away.
Salman Khan's charm and wit makes him maintain his craze among his fans. His wacky fans just can't wait to have his sight on sites.
Shahrukh at this stage does not need to make a mark of his own. He is bound to impress his fans and make them chase him on 'Google'.

If traffic on the net is the measure of popularity, then Hrithik is the dude who dominates the domains.

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