Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Most dangerous celebs online

Cricket and Bollywood are hot topics on the Net. And, it’s no surprise that cyber criminals capitalise on celebrities from both the fields to lure innocent fans to encourage download of malicious softwares. We reveal the most risky searches on the Web.

If you follow the reigning beauty queen, Katrina Kaif, online, she will surely take you to the danger zone. Err… we mean typing her name would! The siren seems to attract many fans on the Net including hackers. So look before you leap guys.
Trying to look up Southern siren Shriya Saran on your PC? Just hang on! Searching for 'Shriya Saran' or 'Shriya Saran videos' can mislead unsuspecting surfers to sites with potentially damaging downloads. ( Pic: Maxim)
Has it ever occurred to you that an overdose of Aishwarya Rai can prove fatal to your PC? The actress has been named the most ‘Dangerous Celebrity In Cyberspace’ in a survey by Internet researchers. Beware of the beauty!
Asin's hot appeal may be too much for your computer to handle. But if you are adamant to have the star on your desktops, have latest virus detecting software on your PC.
One mistaken link and the South actress Namitha can cause havoc to your system. If you are a die-hard fan, the best bet is to stick to familiar websites that feature regular stuff on the actress.
If you are googling the hot and happening sports star Sania Mirza, let's warn you that she is one of those Web-celebs with a high-risk scale.
Search for Yuvraj Singh’s scores, and you may land up with a super bad virus if you do not stop then and there. Looking for his posters and videos online may put users at a risk of encountering illegal websites.

Searching for cricket star Mahendra Singh Dhoni puts computer users at the highest risk of attracting a virus. It’s okay to soak up all about Dhoni, but remember the danger that lurks behind it!
Fans searching for hottie Shahid Kapoor online, beware! He is not a ‘safe search’ when it comes to downloading pictures and videos. It can be malicious downloads, which can get you into trouble.
Indian spinner, Harbhajan Singh, known for stirring up controversies, is also an easy target of cyber criminals. Time to mellow down, Bhajji? (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

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