Friday, January 8, 2010

Michael Jackson's best songs

The self professes 'King of Pop' was truly on top of the world. For a span of over a decade, Michael Jackson could do no wrong. Every album was genius, every song a hit and every video a breakthrough. So let's have a look at his best songs..

Bad: The title track to Michael Jackson's seventh studio album was originally intended to be a duo with Prince. The full music video, directed by Martin Scorsese, weighs over 18 minutes long and documents a private school boy returning to his inner-city origins.
Thriller: Produced by Quincy Jones, 'Thriller' was the title track to the multi-million selling album of the same name. It's 14 minute video was considered to be a milestone in the art of the music video. Like most of Michael Jackson's songs, it's especially difficult to avoid dancing while listening to this one.
Beat It: It's difficult to argue with the statement that Michael Jackson was at the height of his powers on 'Thriller', as he glided from genre to genre with ease. The singer particularly dipped into a fresh patch of rock music he'd never drawn from before for this one. Lyrically it's no masterpiece, but that's nothing new for Jackson. His key strength, after all, has always been his mastery of sound.
Billie Jean: The song holds the accolade of being the very first music video by a black artist to be shown on a then fledgling MTV. It's in this video when the first signs of plastic surgery begin to appear and are particularly noticeable on Michael Jackson's nose and this song even regarded as the anthem of moon walk.
Black Or White: The original three minute music video featuring a young Macaulay Culkin seemed innocent enough. In the video Micheal Jackson morphs into a black panther. The song is awesome, thanks to the punchy guitar and sliding bass.
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough: Introducing the world to Michael Jackson's trademark falsetto voice, 'Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough' became his first US number since his 1972 hit 'Ben'. The music video was Jackson's first as a solo artist and features the singer in a fetching white tuxedo whilst breaking out some crazy dance moves.
Man In The Mirror: Regarded as one of Michael Jackson's most moving tracks. 'Man In The Mirror' stand out as one of the finest examples of 80's production techniques.
Human Nature: This gentle and unique ballad boasts a haunting quality unlike anything released before or since by the undisputed 'King of Pop'. There's no denying about the magic on this track. Much of that majesty, of course, stems directly from Michael Jackson's stunning calculated vocal presentation. It's one of the few voices that could do the melody justice.
Remember the Time: The song is a popular recording by Michael Jackson in March of 1992. Released as the second single off Jackson's hit 1991 album, 'Dangerous', the song was a successful attempt by Jackson.
The Way You Make Me Feel: This was the third hit from the album 'Bad'. Reportedly, Michael Jackson recorded the song in response to a request from his mother Katherine to record a song with a shuffling rhythm. Michael Jackson performed the song live at the 1988 Grammy Awards.

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