Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fairly 'Fringes'

In the 1960s, actress hair with a fringe became a craze. Now more than four decades later fringes or 'Sadhna' cut has rekindled the magic of this bygone hairstyle. Sporting a fringe will be the coolest thing of this year as the style is back in vogue. So let's have a look at the hottest celebs going the fringe way..

Lara looks angelic in white outfit with fringes to go well with her soft, oval shaped lovely face.
Bollywood's youngest 'Diva' Deepika Padukone; is one of the natural beauties whose style statement is to keep it 'Sweet and Simple' and the same goes for her hair-style for the movie 'Chandni Chowk to China'.
After being on the covers of numerous national and international glossies, this dusky beauty sure knows how to adorn different looks with simple tricks with her luscious mane.
Though her Bollywood career yet to sizzle, Sameera surely knows how to knock out ones senses with her sensesuous style.
Femme 'Fringe' fetal; this 'Basu' babe didn't have problem to cut her long tresses into short hairstyle with fringe, and looks very comfortable with it.
Known for her acting skills and good looks, Priety looks smashing in this 'Fringe' hairstyle which sported for her movie 'Armaan'. Though the movie didn't do well at the box office, Priety got rave reviews for her 'different' look.
Being younger sister to style icon like Aditi sure has some benefits, Arzoo can definitely get some tips from fashionista sister. What you say guys?!
One-film wonder; Vidya Malavade trying to get into 'Princess' role with lovely white gown and a hairstyle which make her look young and beautiful.
Ram Gopal Verma sure has an eye for the beauties.. and especially maharashtrian ones like Urmila, Antra and latest 'Amrita'. Though 'amchi mulgi' still has to concentrate on her looks and style as far as hindi films are concern.
Maria Goretti, the original VJ who started the 'VJ' trend in entertainment, was always known for her mischiveous smile and fringe hairstyle which goes well with her bubbly image, and it hasn't changed yet!

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