Thursday, April 8, 2010

Draped desires

It's not a pair of jeans, not a gown, not even a saree! It's just a breathtaking silky robe, a silhouette, that enhances the seductive curves of Bollywood babes in the most flattering manner. Check out the wonder of the drape...

Which Bollywood babe can look the hottest with just a silky robe draped on her seductive curves? She is none other than the 'Outrageous' babe, Sherlyn Chopra.
An enigmatic Gul Panag wrapped in an icy black sheath epitomises sassy appeal with elan.
Meghna Naidu is an ideal picture of glamour draped in a black silky robe.
Shilpa let's your imagination run wild with that hot number.
The grey and creamy feminine silk creates a unique look for Ameesha.

Kashmira Shah makes men go crazy draped in a silky white robe that accentuates her curves.
An exquisite white robe accentuates Udita's soft and velvety skin.

Neha Dhupia cozies up to virginal white to give that soft and lustrous look.

Sophie looks sensuous wrapped in white satin. (Source: Ram Bherwani,
With those intense eyes, Bollywood empress Mallika doesn't need to try too hard to impress. Seen here in a silk drape.
Delicate and flattering robe gives Tulip a sense of luxury and comfort.
Feathery white silk brushes Celina's baby-smooth skin.

Tara strikes an inviting pose in luscious white.

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