Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bollywood actioners 2010

Action movie fans have a lot to be happy about in 2010. In this year action movie fans will enjoy bollywood action movies with hollywood taste. Here's a quick look at the year's upcoming actioners.

Prince- It's Showtime: It was earlier titled as 'Prince of Thieves'. The film that features Vivek in one of his action packed roles, romancing not one but three sexy ladies, is eagerly awaited.Most probably one of the most anticipated films of the year. Vivek's fate and comeback surely lies on this one!
Knock Out: The Stud - Sanjay Dutt, The Seductress - Kangana Ranaut and The Versatile - Irrfan Khan. The trio will surely knock you out when together. This time director Mani Shankar comes with a very exciting star cast for this movie. And we all hope this movie will knock all the records at the box office.

Ravan: For all those Abhi-Ash fans, the movie which promises to be a an entertaining package with Abhishek himself playing Ravan, we just can't wait to see. This time we will see Ramayana in Mani Ratnam's style. The idea is not new but it's very interesting to see that what Mani Ratnam can do with this script?

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai: Ajay Devgn is yet again enrolled in the kinds of roles, he masters in. The movie is based on a very high profile subject that how Mumbai underworld meets with the terrorism. Another power-packed performance by Ajay!

Dabangg: Salman Khan playing a cop and romancing newbie in B'wood, Sonakshi Sinha. We just can't wait to see this new pair romancing! This is the movie for which Salman had to convince Shatru to let his daughter work. The pairing sounds interesting and so does the script, where we see Salman Khan as a corrupt cop in the badlands of Uttar Pradesh. Salman Khan fans have lots of expectations with him in this role.

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