Thursday, September 15, 2011

'I fight for freedom of choice': Imran Khan

"Iam not promoting drinking. I am fighting for the youth's freedom of choice," said actor Imran Khan after he filed a public interest litigation (PIL) at the Bombay High Court. (AFP)
The case was filled to challenge the state government's decision to increase the legal drinking age from 21 to 25 years as part of its new deaddiction policy. (AP)
Nattily attired in a blue striped shirt, a pair of dark blue trousers and brown shoes, the 28-year-old answered a barrage of questions from the waiting media, which ranged from whether the motive of his PIL was publicity for his latest film to his views on alcoholism and addiction.  (AP)
Imran reiterated that the Maharashtra government's action infringed on the fundamental rights of a citizen living in a democracy. (AP)
At the same time, the actor commended the thought behind the government's de-addiction campaign: "It is good, but the state government is wrongly going about it. You are not going to succeed by banning drinks or increasing the drinking age.'' (AP)
The actor filed the PIL with his brother-in-law Vedant Malik, and arrived at the Bombay High Court with his advocate, Ameet Naik. The actor said the nation was guilty of viewing the youth as an apathetic lot (AP)
While Khan has picked up cudgels on behalf of the youth, his uncle Amir Khan is supporter of Anna Hazare, who believes in total prohibition of alcohol. "'We have been brought up in a certain way. If we believe in something we act on it," said the younger Khan.  (AP)
He spoke about the inefficacy of prohibition in Gujarat. "If you think that nobody consumes alcohol in Gujarat, you are wrong. It is sold illegally (in the state).''  (AFP)
When asked to give his view on a totally unrelated but hotly debated issue of homosexuality, the actor chose the path of freedom of choice. "Any two people who are in love with each other should be allowed to live the way they want to live.'' he said.  (AP)

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